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We will first begin my journey at Craig General Hospital. Dr. A delivered me into the world at 10:58 AM, on August 20, 1991. I think about this man often, although he has never made a direct impact on my life, he has indeed made an impact. He watched me take my first breath of life. He was there for my first cry. (That is a big moment if you ask me) He was there for that moment of embrace from my mother. He was the very first person to care for me, hold me, and wipe tears from my eyes. If that is not a big deal to someone, I do not know what is. I often wonder what his exact thoughts were when he first laid eyes on me. People!!!!! He was the first person to see what I looked like. I hope I did not have an awful cone head, no selfies please. :/

I know you are probably wondering why I am even talking about this man. This man helped my mother bring me into this world, to keep me safe, and allow me to live life. He was part of God’s plan for me to be here on earth. Sometimes I see this man and his wife at Walmart, the local café, or at the gas station. He probably has no idea who I am, but what is important, I know who he is. I have a lot of respect for this man I only encountered for a few short minutes, but those minutes were probably the most important minutes of my life.

Fun fact: My mom’s whole pregnancy she was told she was having a boy. To a BIG surprise, I was a girl! She had no clothes for me, that next morning Dr. A brought my mom a gift. It was two outfits for me.

(DR. A was also the first person to buy me clothes)

I have a son, and I will never forget the day he was born. When that doctor handed over my baby boy to me the world was still, quiet, and at peace. We tend to forget the people that help us in life. They blend in with the problems or the excitement going on, but they make up whom we are. I urge you to remember the “people” that make you who you are. Those “people” probably love you the most.


With love,


“And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.”

~ Luke 2:40




It is crazy how things turn out. You find the reality in the world that nothing… I mean nothing is “perfect”, as much as we want to act and pretend that it is. The truth is we are all “broken” people trying to live and survive in a “broken” world.

I come from small town rumors, mean girls, divorced parents, sibling rivalries, and trying to fit in when you do not quite seem to fit. Acceptance is what we as humans seek, we want to feel loved and wanted, and when we do not feel that, we tend to get insecure about who we are. From being the best athlete, smartest one in the class, teacher’s pet, to the girl dating the cutest guy in the school. We always want better, or what everyone else has.

Everyone talks about being different, but let’s face it, we all want to be the same, because if we are the same, we will be accepted, when you are different you give people something to talk about.

I want to give you readers an insight of WHO I AM. I am NOT the best athlete, I do NOT have the perfect family dynamic, and I definitely was NOT the smartest person in my class. I am just Callie, plain ol’ Callie, and to be honest I love the person that I am, but it took a while for me to get to this place of acceptance.

Finding God is what led me in the right direction to find my purpose.

I want to take you on a time line of my life… People, places, and events that make me, well ME! Each week you will see how I grew up, and how I changed throughout my life. You are going to see exactly what it took to get me where I am today.

Life is not easy, but it can be fun!

Enjoy my journey.

                                                                   With Love,


“Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

~ Forrest Gump

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air here in the little town of Vinita, Oklahoma. ❤

Who would have thought… my first blog post would be on my favorite holiday ever, Valentine’s Day. (Sarcasm) However, before I get on my rant of the day, I want to tell you a little about my husband… He is not VERY romantic… wait! Let me rephrase that, he does not have a romantic bone in his body…. It is boots, chaps, and cowboy hats around our house and if you are lucky, you might get a chore to go along with it. Well, as always I anxiously await for my beautiful bouquet of flowers to show up and look ever so pretty on my desk. Well Ladies, the flowers never came! Yeah you read it right, they never came. Now pick up your jaw and get that disgusted look off your face, and do not think he is just a down right, no-good, piece of crap just yet. (That will come later, j/k)

Instead, I got something even more special, but at first, I am just going to be honest here…..I did not think it was very special nor romantic. Then Jesus came into my heart (even Jesus is romantic) and gave me a talking to, and brought me back down to earth. Have you ever had the “talk” with Jesus? In my world, it happens on the daily. Good thing I have a great friend and he tells me exactly how it is, and he knows just what to do to get me out of Callie-land, and back to reality. Sometimes we go at it, and I am pretty sure you know who wins that battle… why does he always have to be right? It is so aggravating…


My husband took me to lunch, and while we were there, he gave me my Valentine’s Day present. After he gave me hell of course, and told me, I did not get anything! I know that was a lie, because if it wasn’t he would not live another day. (And back to Callie-land I go) Jesus came back, and let me tell you that boy has some game! He will beat you every time, in a game of one- on-one. Promise you that!

I know you people are dying to know what I got….

My husband, Casey, got me a Columbia Jacket, a box of chocolate, and chocolate covered strawberries. Now how sweet is that? I was so stuck on the worldly norm of “if I didn’t get flowers like everyone else, it wasn’t love.” Who needs flowers anyways? They look pretty for a few days and eventually die, right? I got something better, a coat to keep me warm (because he warms my heart), a box of chocolate (Because he is so sweet), and Chocolate covered strawberries. (Because he cares about my health). Sometimes it is good to be different. We do not have to have what everyone else has. Being different is what makes us special. Why would you want what everyone else has, that is not romantic at all? Showing love is more than flowers on Valentine’s Day or taking your woman out on a nice date. It is the action behind the words, I LOVE YOU. Love should be shown every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Loving someone goes so much deeper than the words. I encourage you if you are reading this to do something special for someone you love, even the smallest gesture goes a long way…

                                                                                                                             With Love,

                                                                                                                            Callie McGuire

                       “We love because he first loved us.”

                                                           – 1 John 4:19