“Save As Draft”

Hello, My Loves.

It has been far too long since I have blogged. A lot of life has happened since the last time I have wrote, but all is good in life.

Today I am going to switch it up a bit. We will call this blog post “Save As Draft” and if you don’t know where I pulled that from, I’ll give you a hint- Katy.

I have been a fan of Katy since I kissed a girl, but that’s another story!!! (Wink)

Life is crazy and we don’t always get to pick and choose our story. Sometimes things just happen that lead us down dead end roads. Although, we are at a dead end and the only way out is to go back, erase, and start over, we can learn from those dead ends and “Save As Draft”. I recently started following a beauty page, the women on this page are writing their stories every day. They add to their story with every post, picture, and comment. It intrigues me to dig deep into their roots and figure out WHO they truly are. I have learned that sometimes we are fast to judge and quick to assume, because we only know a small part of their story, but once we dig deep, we unfold many hidden chapters. The chapters are sometimes out of order, have a page missing, or have no title at all; this makes it difficult for us to comprehend and understand which in turn leads to judgement.

I am not one to share other people’s stories, but I love reading them. I read people deep within. I observe. I try to see through it all. Sometimes I get it wrong, but I just have to erase, go back, start over, and read more carefully than I did before.

For some, it is hard for them to tell their story, because they are afraid of what others might think. Some are stronger, willing to lay it all on the line in order to help. I call these ones TRAFFIC SIGNS they redirect traffic to keep them from hitting the dead-end that they once stumbled upon in their life.  


Which brings me to this quote from Katy’s song:

“I don’t fuck with change, but lately I’ve been flipping coins a lot….” – Katy Perry  


Some people catch their selves depending on luck to get them through in life. Maybe, just maybe they don’t have such a picture perfect life that they lead on to have, they just count on the coin to get them through the day, or hell the next cut off notice they received in the mail. Life sometimes changes in order to change us. Through change and struggle is where we grow.  You don’t have to be perfect for people to like you, just be real. You will find in the truth you tell, people will relate, and in turn your following will be even larger than the fake following you had before.

My Rant:

  • Quit posting everyday about how wonderful your husband is— if this is “TRUTH” tell him, he needs to know it more than the 5K + people on your social media account.
  • Quit pretending to be someone your not—being perfect is LAME, but not only that, its hard as shit to pretend to be someone your not—keeping up with that lie would literally be exhausting
  • Quit assuming everyone wants you to be perfect, fuck… just be yourself
  • Quit writing fake chapters in your book—tell us your life and your “truth”. No one has time to read bullshit fiction—we have reality TV for that!
  • Last, but not least LOVE YOURSELF!! Love who you are, the mistakes you have made, and the life that you live. Love everything that makes you—YOU! You don’t have to be proud of every street you went down, just remember where to put caution signs.


I love to write. It has been my passion since I was in the 2nd grade. I am optimistic for this blog. If I have helped one person, I feel like I have fulfilled my purpose. Continue to like, share, and comment. I love you all.


Much Love,

Callie ❤