Just to see you smile…

Happy Monday ya’all. Another week in the making so we need to make the best of it… Last night was the start of a great week for me. It’s crazy how seeing something can really brighten your day, better yet make your day, or for in this instance my week….

Seriously, nothing is more contagious than a smile… (we have all heard that line) and this particular smile makes my skin crawl…. To know what this individual has been through the past 7 years of his life makes me sad, but where God has him now makes me hopeful for his future. He is kind, he is brave, he is strong, he is hardworking, and he is a child of God. He has a future, a good good future. For I don’t know what the future brings for him, I just know God doesn’t make mistakes and he is going to see him through. Life is tough, and sometimes others have it rougher than you ever thought.. some of us don’t really know what a struggle is compared to others… listening to his story I was shocked at some of the things I heard… and he said to me very bluntly “Callie you are blessed, you don’t know what being this low feels like, you don’t know what low is” I was left speechless after our convo…which if you know me, that’s rare… Callie being speechless, naw….where some of us worry about money, some worry if they are going to have food on the table…and then some worry about if their life is good enough for this earth…our struggles are different, but one thing that we can all have that can remain the same is our faith. I talk about faith a lot in my posts, but faith is what makes us…. faith is our fuel that keeps a fire burning within us.. if we don’t have faith we have nothing… we are just a body going through the motions with out any emotions! we have no power, strength, or endurance… we need not only faith in God, but faith in ourselves… 

We are all worthy of life. No life is any less important than another. God made us…. we have purpose… our lives are meaningful. Your purpose might be smaller than others, but you still have in fact have a purpose…

Have you ever thought about what your purpose is???? 

As I age, I see my purpose change and transform throughout my life… in high school I always felt my purpose was to help children, help them succeed, help them grow, and help them learn. Then in college it was to brighten people’s day. Now, it is to show love to my brother… today my purpose is to show love to someone that doesn’t feel like he is deserving of it… my mission today is to let my brother know he is indeed loved….. your purpose can change, your life can change, people around you can change, but you can adapt with the change and create a new purpose… having faith allows you to have purpose…. faith fuels the purpose, faith gives us the endarance to pursue our purpose. 

If you are searching for purpose, pray! Pray that God gives you something to show you where he needs and wants you to be. He will lead your way… allow your faith to be bigger today than it was yesterday! 

I have all the faith in the world for you… and God does too. But the real question is, “Do you?” 
With love <3, 


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