Mirror mirror on the wall… 

Man, it has been way to long since I have wrote… I feel like this is my venting session, and I might need you readers more than you need me. Today as I am strolling through Facebook I see so much negativity. A particular story touched me …

When looking at others I do not automatically see their flaws, unless for some reason they have a huge booger hanging out their nose or something gross in that nature…🤦🏼‍♀️ I know, but come on you know we have all been there… That’s an awkward moment to tell someone that there is a booger hanging from their face, right? (Yuck!) Anyways… the point I am trying to make is that when looking at others I do not see the worst, I see just that individual as whole… I don’t see every single wrinkle, or their weight number, or how many gray hairs they have….but when looking at myself I see the worst… I look at myself almost as if I am looking under a magnifying glass…

We are our own worst critic. We seem to judge ourselves probably more than others judge us. I catch myself looking in the mirror wishing that this was gone, or I could cover up that… and don’t even make me go into the stretch mark venting… I love my baby, but dang did he do a number on my body…

People do not see what you see, you dig deeper into your roots than they do. I have a scar from a dirt bike wreck when I was in the third grade…. its a pretty good size on my leg, no one has ever mentioned it. I have stretch marks on my booty and my boobs are deflated…. big time and no one makes comments to me about them….. (or if they do they are not to me)

My message today is quit being so hard on yourself. So what you are not the size you were in high school, or you don’t fit in the jeans you had before you were prego. I am all about having a healthy lifestyle, but putting yourself down will not give you motivation people… and if anyone tells you it does their full of shit… excuse my language… but it’s true… I am going to tell you right now when I think about my weight… I think about what candy bar I am going to eat next… Keep a positive attitude…. make changes in your life because you want to and don’t take what you think to heart… Allow yourself to have flaws, and love them. Because they are what makes you, well you! Every scar has a story, and guess what? It’s your story and if you feel like telling it someone, you will. Be proud of who you are. Own who you are.Sometimes the most imperfect things in life tend to be the best things….

Keep diggin! 

With Love ❤️, 



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