Grown up :(

There is a time in life when your babies grow up to be cowboys…… and this Momma don’t like it… but at the same time I am so happy that he is living his life to the fullest and having fun while doing so. 

Last night Kasen had is first official friend over that was not family to stay the night… I was so nervous for my child and so was the mom of the boy that stayed with Kasen. (God bless her, I think if my son stayed there I might of shed a few tears) Kasen handled himself like a big kid and acted amazing, he also had a great time with his new friend. If you don’t know my son, he is an only child. When you have an only child and some of you Mom’s out there do, you will understand they are different. It’s a different, you as a parent are use to, but other people might think your kid is a brat. Kasen doesn’t have to share, and rarely wants for anything. It’s not because we spoil him, he just has everyone’s attention and doesn’t have to share it. He also tends to get what he asks for, but in our case the kid never asks for anything (besides cottage cheese and caprisuns) which I can handle. Our world revolves around one kid, and he is at the age where we think he needs to learn life skills before he starts school, and last night really let me see that he is learning to get along with others, share, and be polite. I am starting to think we may have raised him right…. Kuddos to Me and my hubby! We have a great kid, he is smart, energetic, has a personality that kills, and well…. just down right adorable… (got that from his momma) 

I am so thankful God allowed me to be his mother, I don’t think he could have picked a more perfect kid for Casey and I. I can not wait to see so many more memories he makes. As I think of him growing up, and as much as I hate to think it…. if he never grew  I wouldn’t have all the memories I have today… Good, bad, and funny. Love your kids, tell them everyday how proud you are of them, how they are perfect, and smart… because if a kid thinks he is all of those things… then he will be all of those things… 

God bless,

Callie ❤ 

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