Who I Am <3

Who I Am…

I am Christy Dawn Bryant Henderson and Jonathan Wayne Peetoom’s daughter. I am 25 and fly. My number one in my life is Kasen, my now 3-year-old son.

I am athletic, I love to play basketball. I like to play catch in the front lawn on a pretty day. I am full of energy and laughter. Smiles make me happy. I love to help. I like knowing in my heart that God has worked through me to help someone.

I am that hometown girl that everyone knows. I am proud of where I came from. I am accepting of how I was raised. I believe that life is only as perfect as YOU want to make it.

I am someone that does not like hurting people. I will suffer pain before I allow anyone else to experience it.

I am a caretaker. I am a giver.

I love music. I like finding songs that relate to my life and play them over and over again.

When people talk I weirdly hear lyrics to songs, but it makes their conversation so much more than just words.

I live to dig deep into peoples roots, so I understand them.

I love to dance. I love dancing in the kitchen while cooking. I love dancing with my son in the living room.

I am dramatic, bubbly, adventurous, and unpredictable. I keep people on their toes. I am too much to take in at times.

I love DIY projects, but I have no patience for them.

I love being outside. Fall is my favorite season.

I come from divorced parents, I never had a close family, so that is a dream of mine. To be so close to my little family that we would rather be with each other than anyone else.

My dream… Graduate college (DONE)… be the best mother I can be (Work in progress)…. be a wife that is cherished…. Become closer to God…. And when I Die go to heaven and be able to see my Grandma again…

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