Let my VOICE be heard

Today I want to put a hold on my journey because in life when you take two steps forward, you will in turn somehow take three steps back. It sucks… I know firsthand. It was laid upon my heart to write this blog post to give awareness on how our world is today.

I want to first state that life is not fair, unfortunately, we do not live in a fairy tale; even the best life has its difficulties. If you are one that says you have a perfect life….girl, I know you lyin! Life is the toughest journey to go through, but God did not make it easy for a reason, he wants you to seek him and seek the good in the world to get to the other side, which is everlasting life, free from the hate world we live in today.

Life is what YOU make it. Surround yourself with people who truly deserve to be in your presence, but as I say this, we tend to surround ourselves with normalcy; we want to stay in our comfort zone, but the question you have to ask yourself is, Are you comfortable?

I want to take a minute to explain a few things to you, people are going to be mean, people are going to say things about you that are not true, people are going to have words that hurt, but you can have something better, the armor of God to protect you.

I do not know if you know my back-story, but I come from divorce parents that were always in and out of court. This had a terrible effect on my life. Through it all, I had to learn to protect myself, and at that age, all I had was my voice. Well, now I struggle with my voice getting me into trouble. It is a struggle in my marriage, in my friendships, and my work environment. I tend to say what I feel without filtering it. I know sometimes it can hurt the ones I love, and I want to apologize. However, something I will not apologize for is standing up for myself and what is right. The truth hurts sometimes, and when people are going to be mean, say hurtful things, things that are not true, I AM GOING TO USE MY VOICE, and I will not allow someone to make me feel guilty for doing so.

I have learned the hard way there is only two people in this world that you can truly count on, and that is yourself and God. Everyone else in your corner is just a bonus, because they do not have to be there, but if they are, be thankful.

Do something today to make someone feel important. Go out of your way and compliment someone, because your positive words will go a long way. Also, always remember you do not know what the person next to you is going through so be compassionate of others and their feelings.

                                                                                                With Love,

                                                                                              Callie ❤


Brit thanks for the inspiration on this blog post 🙂

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

– Ephesians 6:11

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